fountain pen blog

the fountain pen blog is dedicated to pens generally and more precisely to fountain pens.

This is the place where I can share my experience in buying, testing and using my pens.

This is the web place where you will find the better prices !

If you are willing to start a collection of pen, if you intend to offer a pen to your loves, please be aware that this object has a loads of meaning for the person who will receive it.

The pen is the instrument we use to sign, to certify our own identity, engage our acts, moral, finance. As you are aware, our executives are fond of pens who represent as well a level of power and authority.

A beautifull pen is like a beautifull watch : an object you can transmit to your next generations.

Appologizes for the french writing, please let your emotions live through this site, and do not hesitate to follow amazon links to buy your own ones and share with me this writing pleasure.

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